I like you more than Salvador likes violence.
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You must have gotten an E on your charms O.W.L.
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Do you want to make crazy science with me?
Submitted by anon. Thanks!
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How would you like to say I do, I do in the sky?
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I’d notice your hair even if I didn’t need to get into your morgue.
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Anonymous asked: i used some of your nerd flirts to propose to my (now) fiancée. it really helped. I also gave him a D20 spinning ring (if your wondering). Thank you!

This is the absolute cutest thing! We’re so honoured that you chose to include us in such an important moment. 


Anonymous asked: The few homestuck lines I've seen helped me get my boyfriend, we've been together for the longest time and these little flirts make him laugh and they make his day, since his depression has been bad. Thank you for making him smile :D

Sounds like you’re super flushed for each other.

(Am I using that correctly? I only read the first five acts).

We’re so happy to be a part of your relationship and we’re glad that they can make you folks happy.That’s really why we do this whole thing.

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Anonymous asked: just like to say that you guys are my go-to place if i need some good lines, and hot damn they really work. sometimes i send them to this girl i like and she blushes and is flattered dizzy every time. keep up the good work, guys! i love you in a platonic nerd way!

But seriously, we’re glad to b a part of your budding romance. And thanks!


I just like you. I think… I think I like like you.
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You make my heart beat like Amy Dyer.
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How many pokéblocks did you have to eat to be so cool, smart, cute, tough, and beautiful? 
Submitted by ikeelulongtime. Thanks!
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I fell for you harder than Tavros.
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Don’t smile. Because if you smile then everything about you will be perfect and I will fall in love instantly.
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Anonymous asked: I save a bunch of your flirts on my phone to send to the girl I like and talk to everyday and I'm pretty sure she likes them a lot... We aren't a couple though, but they made her laugh so thank you!!

Heck yes! That’s super cute. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!



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