Whenever i start to hollow I think of you.
Submitted by ikeelulongtime. Thanks!
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You die, I die too.
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Mycroft may be the smart one but you’re the cute one.
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Your smile is so precious it should be kept in the Bank of Karabraxas.
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You are mine and I am yours. Anything else is unthinkable.
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Are you a magic carpet? Because you swept me off my feet.
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I shouldn’t listen to you because angels only tell lies and do not exist.
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I don’t need a fire flower because you set my heart a blaze!
Submitted by anon. Thanks!
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You make my heart skip so many beats that I think I need a metronome.
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You’re more boss than a Zefron poster.
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Are you unattached like me? Because that would be good.
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How about you + me go snoggin hard in motherfuckin makeout paradise.
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You’re the tops.
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Meeting me. You are. Date. Please?
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I wanna kiss like how Steven some how kisses Connie.
Submitted by dreamingaboutreallife. Thanks!
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