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You are not perfect, no, even better, you are imperfect.
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You must be my blogger because I’d be lost without you.
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You look like you’re cosplaying as my next boyfriend/girlfriend.
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Are you full of light force? ‘Cause you are radiant.
Submitted by the-one-true-alpha-nerd. Thanks!
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The mark of Cain is red, Cas’s eyes are blue. I’d fight heaven and hell for one date with you.
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I’d like to get more freaky with you than Marble Hornets.
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Even if I learned occlumency I wouldn’t be able to keep you out of my head.
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Holy hottie, Batman!
Suggested by lizademorte. Thanks.

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You know, I could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve you.
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I’d let you hug me in front of the Klingons.
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The cake may be a lie, but my love for you isn’t.
Submitted by anon. Thanks!
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Your smile is more rare and more precious than a good dalek.
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I’ve got a Big item in play just for you.
Submitted by lizademorte. Thanks!
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