If I don’t ask you out, I can’t win.
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I like you like Dipper likes Wendy.
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Will you be the medic to my heavy?
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Did I get touched by a Jinn, because you’re the girl of my dreams
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I may be a bit rusty in some areas but I will glance at a manual. 
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Anonymous asked: regarding the hp pick up line regarding a dog with three heads; fang is hagrid's bloodhound. fluffy is the three-headed dog. both belong to hagrid, but are very different characters.

Sorry! I usually make these and queue them in the middle of the night and messed this up completely. Thanks to you and everyone else who sent in their corrections. The post has been fixed.


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The idea to ask you out came to me a in a dream. I was naked. You would’ve loved it.
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How about we go somewhere quiet and practice our tonguing?
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I want to do nothing but eat a whole bunch until we get fat and die with you.
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I wish I had three heads like Fluffy so I could think about you three times as much.
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(Thanks to everyone who sent in their corrections!)
You make me happier than a pyro meeting new friends!
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Not for nothing but the last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid.
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